From documenting existing processes to a full Six-Sigma project, SNF Writing Solutions owner, Stacy Fitzsimmons, goes full-on geek mode when offered a process project. She has a great knack for finding wasted time and steps while getting to the “real” way things are done. 

Process Documentation

Many organizations find themselves doing the same things again and again. It’s how you get it done. Very little time is devoted to capturing your craft. With an aging and more fluid workforce, organizations are facing knowledge loss and lost production time due to reinventing processes and procedures lost with the person that did the job last.

By documenting your processes, the work is captured as it is done. A legacy of the work is created for future employees as well as for cross-department engagement and communication.

System Documentation

Have a system that was created just for your business?
Is there only one person in your organization that knows how to do their work in a particular system?
Bringing in a new system and need new business processes?

Capturing the steps with images of screens can prepare you for changes in staffing or for training in a new system. Merging the system steps with business practices can serve as a training tool for new employees and as a reference guide for those tasks that are not done on a routine basis.

Process Improvement with Lean Six-Sigma

 In every process there is room for error or defects. In the business arena these errors and defects may not be immediately distinguishable as found in the manufacturing sector. Often, the errors and defects are noticed in long turn-around times, employee frustrations, or client/customer complaints. Using the proven Lean Six-Sigma methodology, the SNF Writing Solutions team can shed light on potential waste, delays, and “defects” of your business processes that can provide increased productivity, happier employees and customers, and better service and product outcomes through a deep data dive and observation of business practices. Each Lean Six Sigma project individually scoped to meet your business needs.

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