Utilizing the Compression Planning® technique, the SNF Writing Solutions approach to planning and ideation can bring any concept to an actionable plan in less than a day.

What kind of plan?

Any! From full corporate strategic plans to program plans to a single event – we can bring your group from vague concept to fully documented plan. SNF Writing Solutions uses the method to facilitate various planning, process design, focus group, and proposal development sessions.

But we don’t have time for planning!

Most planning sessions can be completed in a day or less. More complicated or multi-phase plans and those involving different groups or subsets of groups may be scheduled over multiple days.

Does it work?

Yes! Using our methods, SNF Writing Solutions clients…

  • were successfully awarded over $9 million in grants within a six-month period (9 out of 10 applications submitted),
  • gathered over 50 vetted ideas for recommendation to a national board of directors for a strategic planning initiative, and
  • brought together more than 80 maternal and child health professionals to create a regional action plan to address infant mortality.

What can I expect?

The planning sponsor will meet with Stacy Fitzsimmons to outline the need and provide background to establish an understanding of the environment. From there, Stacy and the sponsor will work together to create the session design. The sponsor, with direction from the SNF Writing Solutions team, will invite planning session attendees and secure the planning site and materials. The day of the planning session, Stacy will lead your group through the Compression Planning® model. At the end of the session, you will have an actionable plan created. The SNF Writing Solutions team will then provide a written document to formalize your plan. This is not a binder of information! It will be a small document that summarizes the ideas generated, decisions made, and focuses on the actionable steps.

Ready to get started? Set up an introductory call so we can determine the scope of your project and get you on the calendar.

Strategic Plan Summaries

With a plan in place, let other know about what you intend to accomplish! Whether for board members, shareholders, funders, or constituents – SNF Writing Solutions can bring your plan to paper in a sensical manner that even the toughest reviewer can understand.

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