“There’s a solution to every problem.” A motto carried through the years has motivated Stacy Fitzsimmons to always think through problems with an open mind and considering even the most unlikely answers. This methodology has transcended SNF Writing Solutions’ operations and approach to every project.


From documenting existing processes to a full Six-Sigma project, SNF Writing Solutions owner, Stacy Fitzsimmons, goes full-on geek mode when offered a process project. She has a great knack for finding wasted time and steps while getting to the “real” way things are done. 


Utilizing the Compression Planning® technique, the SNF Writing Solutions approach brings any concept to an actionable plan in less than a day.


How well did you do? From constituent interviews to data collection and analysis, SNF Writing Solutions can develop an outcomes and process evaluation to suit your stakeholder (funder, board, auditor) needs.

Outcomes evaluation is the common review request: did we do what we set out to do. This is an important look at any businesses progress toward meeting strategic goals, benchmarks, budgetary/cost plans, and stakeholder expectations.


Take your team to the next level with orientation, professional development, or skill building – our topic or yours.

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