In 2020 SNF Writing Solutions turning 10 and launching the Dragonfly Business Consulting division – still focused on supporting the evolution and sustainability of organizations, but evolving the company brand that focuses on our writing services. See the announcement about our anniversary here. My team has worked with organizations across the country to develop programs, create plans, write proposals, and find solutions to complex problems. What we haven’t done…is work in our own community.

In celebration of our tenth anniversary and the evolution of the company, the SNF Writing Solutions/Dragonfly Business Consultants team will choose up to 10 organizations (company, government entity, school, or nonprofit) in the vicinity of the locations where we’ve been working from, and have called home, in the last 10 years: Johnson County, Indiana and Perry Township or the City of Southport in Marion County, Indiana to provide each organization one project for free from December 2020 -September 2021.

Recognizing that these are strange times, we recognize that many organizations are just trying to get by and not thinking about training, planning, or improving processes. BUT! We think this is the perfect opportunity for these activities. While you are not in business-as-usual might be just the right time to figure out where you want to go and what you need to get there. That’s our specialty – and we want to help our community come back better and stronger.

SNF Writing Solutions/Dragonfly Business Consulting will offer 10 projects taking approximately 10 hours each to 10 companies over the next 10 months. Details on the kinds of projects are below. To be considered, click here to complete the application. A preview of the questions can be downloaded before completing the application.

Project Types

Potential project types and a sample scope of work for each project are provided here as a reference and starting point for project ideas. Depending on the organization type and accomodations, trainings, planning sessions, and report-out meetings may be in-person or virtual. Arrangements will be discussed at time of scheduling. If you have a similar project, but that isn’t quite described here, include a description of the project you need help with in the application and we can discuss your proposal.

Making remote-working work for the long-term
We’ve been working as a virtual/remote company for 10 years and have learned a thing or two – we can share our experience and help you think through your strategies. We even have an HR pro on the team!

Grants 101 training for board or nonprofit leadership team tailored to your organization
Available in 2, 4 , or 7-hour formats

Team training for one grant element
Available in 2 or 4-hour formats

  • Approaching a Grant Proposal
  • Researching grant opportunities
  • Narrative
  • Budget
  • Logic Model
  • Work Plan
  • Evaluation
  • Goals, Objectives, Outcomes, Outputs
  • Sustainability

 “Just Enough” strategic plan w/ facilitation and plan

  • Documentation review
  • Data review & gathering
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Planning session design
  • One facilitated planning session
  • Strategy Map
  • Metrics and data plan
  • Review & update schedule
  • Report-out to leadership (written and meeting)

Simple evaluation plan or evaluation plan review

  • Document review: program description, existing evaluation tools/reports
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Indicators, data gathering tool recommendations, and schedule

Problem definition session w/ facilitation

  • Identify “issue”
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Session design
  • One facilitated problem definition session
  • Scope of problem definition
  • Report-out to leadership (written and meeting)

Problem solving session with facilitation

  • Pre-identified problem
  • Data review & gathering
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Session design
  • One facilitated problem-solving session
  • Solution definition(s) and implementation work plan
  • Report-out to leadership (written and meeting)

Process documentation for one process or functional role

  • Documentation review: policies, procedures, job aids
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Diagram of work process
  • Product vetted
  • Final product delivery

Process improvement Phase 0 (readiness and scope of work)

  • Identification of concerns
  • Vetting of concerns for process improvement work
  • Vetting of organization and team for process improvement work
  • Scope of Work for process improvement work
  • Pre-work needed to prepare for process improvement activities

Other project need for your organization
Let us know what you have in mind!

Want to be considered for a project? Click here to apply now! A preview of the questions can be downloaded before completing the application. Questions? Contact Stacy Fitzsimmons, Owner of SNF Writing Solutions, LLC.

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