Spring Is Coming! Time to Regroup & Renew

Anyone else have a case of the winter blahs? I know that we’ve had a less “wintery” winter than what we could have had in the Midwest, but it’s still been cold…and dark…and gray. Lots of gray. It makes me want to stay in, read, and not really tackle the extra projects I know I should be doing. Getting COVID right before Christmas didn’t help matters. That’s not to say I haven’t been productive—I got lots of work done, with 8 proposals already submitted, presented at 3 conferences, and I’m 34 books in to my 100 book Reading Challenge for the year. But…will I close out the calendar quarter – which is the end of this month! – one-fourth of the way to my annual (calendar year) goals?

We’ve been programmed that we set goals, and then must meet those goals. No matter what. That’s the case for (most) job performance evaluations, organization-level plans, grant funding, and even our Goodreads Reading Challenge. What happens when life happens? What do you do when priorities change? When interests shift? When what was once a passion becomes a burden? Do you plod on like nothing has changed? Do you forget about the goals? Do you adjust the goals?

Is it just me or does Lent start just when New Years’ Resolutions have hit the rearview?

In both personal and business, I have found that what I set out to do is more of a guideline than an absolute. My goals and plans are meant to be motivating and to give me direction for the quarter/year. If they are no longer applicable or are not attainable targets, it’s time to regroup, determine what is feasible and desirable, and renew my efforts in activities and toward targets that are enjoyable, rewarding, and support my personal (or organizational where it’s more appropriate) vision.

More often than not, this means breaking out the “Stop Doing” list. I have to get out of my own way in order to succeed. So perhaps the intersection of the waning of New Years’ Resolutions and the start of Lent is a great time to reflect on our goals and do a little spring cleaning to regroup and renew our commitment to what is important to ourselves (or our organization) and pursue the path that makes the most sense.

Take some time to reflect, take care of yourself, and listen to your body (organizational body fits here, too) to tell you what needs to happen. We don’t need to make it as complicated as we sometimes do – a couple of goals and an action plan is all you need.

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