Helping Businesses Get Around to “it”

Very few people like the blinking cursor on a blank screen or the blinding white glare of a blank page…there’s just something that can be intimidating about “nothing.”  Whether you know what you want to do and just can’t find the words, or just simply need a jump-start – there’s a solution!

The SNF Writing Solutions approach can help you to problem solve, review/develop process, plan, write, do, and review “it”…whatever your “it” may be.


Recent News

How to Irritate Your Grant Proposal Reviewer in 5 Easy Steps

As I finish another grant review panel (this one Federal), I found that I had to check my “crankiness” meter – where I was on the scale when I reviewed the app – during our discussion in the team-consensus calls. Upon reflection, I decided that the applicants would do certain things that immediately changed my perception of the rest of the application. While I could temper this, somewhat, in the consensus scoring – there were many things that irritated me so much that I couldn’t (wouldn’t) let it go. And others on my review panel had their irritants too!

Keep Calm and Let Us Write It

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